Galoobrious 2.0

Welcome back. It’s been a while – 9 months to be exact. A mighty gestation of a university graduation and a new job. As I have finally settled into my new position, I am ready to start sharing a little of my passion with you. Before we start galoobrious’ing (again), here’s a small update on what I’ve been up to since you last heard from me.

December 2016. I too received a scroll from Stellenbosch University. Wrapping up a degree was not easy, but the gain of the bracketed title behind my name – made it all worth my while. Emma Jane Phillips (BSc Food Science with Chemistry, US). Check.

January 2017. Hello adulthood. My first day as an employed Food Scientist. work at a food ingredient company in Cape Town, South Africa. My formal title is ‘Product Development Technologist’ in the Meat Innovation team. I develop batch packs (an all-inclusive powder product in a bag) for processed meat products such as sausages, vienna’s and polonies to fresh burgers, meatballs, biltong and salami…the list goes on. Product development allows for the expression of creativity, but when on a commercial scale – its all about the ability to troubleshoot, have good customer relations and most importantly, to have a strong team spirit. I am hungry to learn. I look forward to what the future holds.

July 2017. Blogging again? I’ve put much thought into At first, there were considerations to disable the account. Weekends are there to relax and escape from my scheduled routine. My weekdays are busy, from 5am wake up calls to timely traffic-trawling evenings – I am too tired to think of switching on my laptop in the evenings. Blogging takes time. It’s a stepwise process from recipe development, to the mighty cook up, sourcing the serve ware, plating and styling, shooting (before loosing daylight), editing, writing, editing and lastly, uploading. I now realise why casual blogs don’t always work for some and are a full time job for others. I’ve decided to give it a shot again.

This blog will serve five purposes in my life:

  1. To learn to accomplish a lengthy task (eg. post) in a short space of time; and more importantly not worry about nailing each step of the process, perfectly.
  2. To explore my creativity in recipe writing and food styling
  3. To acquire the art of food photography (and discover the settings on my DSLR camera)
  4. To cook for those I love
  5. To have fun

Although there will be times I won’t be able to post frequently, I aim to use this blog as a platform to express my love for food and learn more about its culture and the impact it feeds to many. Follow me on my journey.