Kumquat Syrup Cake

Kumquats are a phenomenal citrus varietal. Some find it difficult eating the humble kumquat, as one doesn’t peel the fruit, but rather eat them with their skins intact. Their profile is a chronological culmination of first sour, and then sweet. Very yummy. I was first introduced to the kumquat in the early stages of meeting … Continue reading Kumquat Syrup Cake


Wimbledon Tea Party

In keeping with the spirit of Wimbledon, I decided to whip up some old school treats for the men’s final this afternoon. A Victoria sponge with plenty fresh strawberries and clouds of fresh cream featured as my centrepiece bake. Cucumber sandwiches, caprese seed loaf morsels, passion fruit scones and coconut lamingtons attended as other traditional … Continue reading Wimbledon Tea Party