About me

Hi! I’m Emma and welcome to Galoobrious, a blog dedicated to my love and passion for food, family and aesthetics. A little about me…I grew up in the small town of East London, but currently live in Cape Town, South Africa. I am currently employed as a Product Developer at a food ingredient company in Cape Town. My product portfolio includes fresh and processed meat products.

On the weekends, entertaining friends and family with killer suppers is something that I live for. I am blessed to have a darling boyfriend, who shares a passion for fine food and wine as I do. Most importantly, my family is my strength and I cherish the memories we make together.

Why the name? Galoobrious was an adjective used by my late Granny Mary, to denote anything as utterly scrumptious or stunning. I have fond memories of her tasting my (rather amateur) baked goods as a little girl and commenting that they were simply ‘galoobrious’. Granny would use it on shopping trips to comment on nifty clothing finds and even on the odd handsome young lad passing by. It is a feel good word and is reminiscent of my childhood. Galoobrious is an ode to my grandmother and it is with pride that I use it to share with you my story.

It has been a dream of mine to start this blog and I hope that you enjoy following my galoobrious adventure.






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