Best ever Homemade Marshmallows

As a child I fondly remember mum stocking up on pink and white marshmallows (or marshies, as she calls them) for our Christmas holidays at our family beach cottage. Whether used to make rice krispy treats, the ever-so-popular s'mores, or simply toasted on the fire until gooey, the trusty marshmallow never lasted long in our household. … Continue reading Best ever Homemade Marshmallows

Rainy Day Chicken

If you’ve ever been to Cape Town during the winter, you would be familiar with the wet and rainy days that follow one another…sometimes for weeks on end. During the winter months, I find myself eating a lot more than usual and tend to spend more time in the kitchen building on old favourites and … Continue reading Rainy Day Chicken

About me

Hi! I’m Emma and welcome to Galoobrious, a blog dedicated to my love and passion for food, family and aesthetics. A little about me…I grew up in the small town of East London, but currently live in Cape Town, South Africa. I am currently employed as a Product Developer at a food ingredient company in … Continue reading About me